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The secret of Right Brain education and its ability to attain IQ scores of over 200
What is the Heguru Method

In 1997 I invented the epoch-making technique, the first in the world, of how to read a book and understand its contents, just by turning over its pages.
I called this method of reading “Hado Reading” because it well surpasses even speed reading. “Hado Reading” offers the seemingly preposterous ability of being able to understand the contents of a book within a single second. Anyone can achieve this ability if they commence their training with the Heguru programme at an early age. Once a person has mastered the “Hado Reading” technique, the person will be given the challenge to finish reading 10,000 books within a month. If the person has successfully achieved the goal, then this person will be qualified to join the “ichimankai” TM. At Heguru we feel it is our mission to awaken the hidden talents of children, not just in Japan but from all over the world. Drawing them forth with a smile, that they may blossom to their fullest. We sincerely would like to invite you to learn the Heguru programme to achieve your dreams and live a happy life.


Heguru Official Statement of “Hado reading”


We at Heguru education would like to release this statement in order strongly to claim that “Hado (Wave) reading” technique of Heguru is absolutely different from the other corporations’.


“Hado reading” technique, which is one of the teaching methods in Heguru education with very quick flipping pages of a book, was originally found and erected by the founder of Heguru education, Mrs. Henmi Ruiko. However, we at Heguru education hear that certain corporations facially imitate Hado reading, find that one of them teaches just a kind of speed-reading methods to pupils and their teaching results seem not so satisfied because of not enough understanding of original theories and ways of Hado reading.


In fact, we hear also that those pupils and their families have been complaining about not achieving any result and never been given any proper explanation of the method from the instructors involved. While, only a few Heguru teachers are permitted to teach genuine “Hado reading” as Heguru method, who have ever been visiting Japan several times for hard trainings and got the official license from Heguru headquarters at Tokyo for teaching genuine “Hado reading”. By the way, “Hado reading” is just a part of Heguru programme and, even if a method resembles Hado reading facially, the pupils should not get to the same level of full teaching results as Heguru education.


We are greatly disappointed with this incident and firmly against the fake methods.


Course Information

Heguru Classes for Children provide courses for training the Right Brain, which are divided into various programs by age group; Prenatal Education (for pregnant women), Infant & Toddler Classes, Preschool Classes, and Primary Classes.
We also provide special courses catered for children planning to take Primary or Secondary School entrance examinations.


Watch the HEGL Method in practice

Introduction of Heguru program(6:36)

Heguru promotion clip(6:17)

Introduction of Heguru program(6:36)

Heguru promotion clip(6:17)

Once you have mastered “Hado Reading”, and have read 10,000 books in a month, you will be eligible to join the “Ichimankai”. Once you are a member of the “Ichimankai”, then you will find yourself at the starting line for the serious development of your right brain. At Heguru, the first step to cultivating your genius powers is mastering “Hado Reading”. The powers of instantaneous memorisation and being able to study in an extremely short time, as well as having excellent abilities in both sports and arts will gradually start to emerge.

The powers members of the”Ichimankai” exhibit.

As a result of parallel processing skills, children can learn arithmetic, reading and social science at the same time. While studying arithmetic, they can learn other subjects with their subconscious.

As they can control perception of time, they can utilize this ability during an examination.
This time control ability allows them to feel that time passes more slowly and to move more quickly (for instance 1 second will feel as if it is 10 seconds) than normal people when they play sport.They are able to memorise most of a 1,000-page medical textbook in English after reading it only 2 or 3 times.A high school girl finished her study in 40 minutes, something which used to take her 5 hours.A sixth-year primary school boy memorised 7 textbooks from a major preparatory school in 2 days. Later he passed the entrance exam for Tokyo University without attending any preparatory school.



Heguru completed “Hado Reading” in 1997, which was featured in a television programme. This was broadcasted all over Japan on March 3rd, 1999 and this is how it came to the attention of the public.



Clips which explain the Heguru educations in detail in movie.

Interview (2:46)


About Heguru

Heguru is an educational network of classes for young children, based in Tachikawa, Tokyo, and committed to providing the ideal education for children and their parents. Heguru classes start from the prenatal stage, when the baby is still in the mother’s womb. The important thing at this earliest stage is to keep the mother’s body healthy and in balance, and to keep her in a positive state of mind.
As the proverb “what is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave” tells us, the infant and toddler stage right after birth is crucial. During these early years, it is important to build the “foundational strength” that will prove to be invaluable as your child grows. Building this “foundational strength” starts with nurturing the “mind and heart”. Children learn to control their own minds, and interact with others in a considerate and kind-hearted way. Furthermore, as they develop their capacities for concentration and imagination, they build a brain circuitry that can process all kinds of information through imaging and visualization. The younger the age at which children start developing this circuitry, the greater its processing power will be, as they get older. By possessing both the regular circuitry of the Left Brain, which processes information through language, and the imaging circuitry, which processes information through imaging and visualization, children’s overall brain processing speeds become faster, and this allows for the possibility of simultaneous processing, which is a feature of the Right Brain. In other words, our students learn to use their brains in a way that most people can only yearn after. To possess these two circuitries, children’s Right Brains need to be tapped into from an early age, and this gives them an overwhelming advantage when it comes to examinations for primary and secondary schools, as well as university.
Furthermore, a remarkable ability that comes with Right Brain Development is Hado Reading, as introduced and explained elsewhere on this site. Absorbing the entire contents of a book instantly by just flipping through its pages is a skill and technique unique to the Right Brain. In the past, our classes at Heguru have received a great amount of media and TV coverage with particular regard to this Hado Reading method, and we remain the only educational network in the world that has the proven ability and knowhow to teach and develop this particular skill. Hado Reading improves not just academic performance, but also contributes to markedly greater success in sports, as well as arts such as music and painting.
Heguru’s infant education creates “the roots and branches of a child’s abilities”. It is not a merely a place that teaches techniques and methods for passing exams. It is a place focused on unlocking the innate potential of children, and cultivating these talents to the greatest possible extent. Japan has many educational organizations specializing in teaching young children, but we at Heguru are the leading experts in building children’s futures through Right Brain-focused teaching, and we currently operate schools in Tokyo (Tachikawa), Nagoya, Niigata, Tochigi and several locations outside of Japan. For any parents thinking about infant classes for your child, why not sign up for a free trial at Heguru.