Infant & Toddler Classes (Ages 0~3)
The Golden Age for laying the foundations for Right Brain Development.

Expose your child to a wide variety of information. This age group is when children’s brains develop the quickest and are at their most absorptive; the ideal time to start with Right Brain Development.

In Heguru’s Infant & Toddler Classes, we have developed our own unique programme to ensure that our students excel in their futures, whatever subjects or fields they decide to go into.
We at Heguru have been leading experts in the field of Right Brain Development for over 30 years, providing high-quality classes unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Bourgoin Heguru’s Children’s Education sees marked differences in results.
To fully complete a child’s Right Brain Development by primary school, it is important to start creating the foundations for their abilities from infancy.


Our Infant & Toddler Classes  4 Major Strengths

The world’s fastest high-speed learning classes, made possible by our 2-teacher system

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! To keep the brain operating at full capacity, we constantly have 2 teachers to a classroom.


Heguru is the only education network whose infant classes have a 2-teacher system. We input children with a wide range of information from picture cards, dance and song, and a variety of visual stimuli using lights and videos, at a very high speed, which allows their Right Brains to operate at full capacity. This mental state is the ideal point for tapping into and developing their true abilities.

Classes last 50 minutes, which is by no means a short time for a toddler. Our method of showering them with a vast amount of information helps them to develop their “concentration” and “perseverance”, and exponentially extend their “imaging abilities”, which is what the Right Brain specializes in.


In just one lesson; We input a month’s worth of information provided by ordinary infant classes!

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! Our vast quantities of original teaching materials are all handmade by our professional staff!

■ Our children exhibit extraordinary growth after just one lesson.
What an ordinary infant class would spend a month on teaching their students, we input in the span of just one lesson. We do not reuse our teaching materials, so our children are constantly exposed to new stimuli, raising their ability levels.

■ All the teaching materials we use in lessons are our own originals.
Based on Heguru’s unique brand of educational knowhow, we have a teaching staff and a professional team of artisans, or teaching materials staff, who are constantly working together to develop and make new original teaching materials. That is why a staggering total of 100 hours of preparation go into just one 50-minute class! It is precisely because we put so much time and effort into our curriculum that we are able to provide classes of such a high standard.



Equip your child with the imaging skills to visualize vividly!

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! By their final year of kindergarten, our children can effortlessly do sums with 3-digit numbers!?


What surprises everyone who experiences our trial lessons, is the advanced level at which our classes operate. By their final year of kindergarten, our students are able to do sums with 3-digit numbers in their heads.
This is because they have been thoroughly trained in using their Right Brain’s imaging skills as infants and toddlers. By learning how to imagine dots and abacuses in their minds, they are able to do mental arithmetic in an instant.

Also, Heguru provides English-speaking classes in a total of 13 countries worldwide, and our regular classes also offer the chance to learn English. We expose our infants and toddlers to topics that children would normally only start learning about once they reach primary school age, such as the Japanese alphabet (hiragana and katakana), the nine times table, quotes and passages from literary texts, the sciences and social sciences; in doing so, our infants take in this information organically while playing, which in turn makes them associate learning with fun.


Parent and child; Nurturing and supporting the root-bond between them.

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! We have a fully-fledged support system for mothers! Helping mothers’ confidence.

We believe that when educating a child’s mind, it is equally vital to nurture and support the minds of the parents. Therefore, after every class, we provide lectures on child-rearing aimed at new mothers.
Drawing on psychology and motivational philosophy, our original teaching methods have an established reputation.
Children who attend Heguru are sincere and behave age-appropriately; they don’t show off their talents or act superior. They are taught to be considerate, caring, and balanced in terms of intellect and heart, and tend therefore to be well-liked and exhibit remarkable leadership skills.

For parents who want more in-depth information on this, we also have a special 14-session programme called “Parent-Child Co-Learning College”



Course Outline of our Infant & Toddler Classes

With just one lesson per week, we have the system in place to raise your child’s ability exponentially. To all new mothers; we urge you to come and witness Heguru’s remarkable lessons for yourselves.

Lesson time 50 minutes
Number of lessons 42 per annum
Attendance Children accompanied by a guardian


Child-rearing Help Center for mothers

If you are in two minds about sending your child to Heguru, we have a FAQ section to answer any concerns you may have.

Infant & Toddler Classes

Heguru is completely leave it and it is OK.
Rather, it is best to leave it completely. It will be an effective program if you can even take part in the class. There is also homework, but the standard is around 10 to 15 minutes a day so as not to be a burden on moms.

It is natural that children who have been enrolled first can do it. You don’t have to worry at all if you start from the middle. After about two months, you will become accustomed to the tempo and atmosphere of the class and will have fun learning. Mom, please give up one by one what you have done to develop your talent.

Among babies who can not speak words, there is no excuse to feel resistance to taking high-speed classes that are difficult for adults to listen to. But when you get up to the middle and senior classes, the effects and surprises are evident. You will be able to easily handle elementary school level things such as simple addition and subtraction. It has become clear from various studies that the difference between early childhood education and large differences. As you may not be able to see the results right away, you may be anxious, but now, be prepared with the time of sowing, and please work positively and happily.

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Pictures from our Infant & Toddler Classes


Memorizing a set of 70 cards in order.


Understanding numbers, using abacuses and clock-faces.


Learning the hiragana, katakana, as well as the Roman alphabet.


Children’s knowledge is cemented as they sing along.


Doing trunk exercises that are effective for brain development.


Learn English according to everyday stories.


Remember the shapes projected in the dark room and have them paint their colors.


Doing the work to establish the memory.


Feedback from our mothers

Infant & Toddler Classes that open up the adults’ (mothers’) brains too!
Mother of 4 year-old S (boy), attended classes from Koganei

In Heguru’s classes, it’s not just the kids that get educated, but the adults too. I’ve always had quite a bad memory, but now I can remember Pi digits and the names of our historical prime ministers. My work is now going better than ever, and both my child and I are very happy that we attended Heguru’s Infant & Toddler Classes.



Child: 2 years old (Has been attending for 0.2 years)

It’s only been 2 months since we started these classes, but they have definitely made my child more physically active. She used to be reluctant to go out for walks, and she didn’t seem to be at all interested in running around or jumping, which worried me a little. I tried to get her to be more active by placing small jungle gyms, slides, and trampolines around the house, but it had little effect…I was thinking about sending her to a gymnastics class when we began attending Heguru, but as soon as we started with Heguru, she started jumping very actively. She also plays “role-playing games” with dolls a lot now, and it seems that she’s learning to use her Right Brain and imaginative capacity. Also, watching how she behaves in the classes, I often feel that she seems able to concentrate a lot more now as well.



Child: 2 years old (Has been attending for 1.5 years)

We started from the Prenatal Education. I made sure to speak positively to my child every day during my pregnancy. The birth itself was a quick and easy 2 hours, he sleeps through the night without crying, and is overall very undemanding. When he is hungry or wants to be changed in the middle of the night, he lets me know by making a scratching sound with his nails.  He slept in prone position for the first 2 months, and began walking at 10 months. From when he was about 4 months old, I showed him around 30 flashcards per day, and he was always very attentive. Once he turned 1, he started playing with the flashcards on his own. He seems to have good concentration skills, as he plays with them for about 15-20 minutes at a time.



Child: 3 years old (Has been attending for 2 years)

When she was smaller, the Heguru classes offered me advice on everyday matters and parenting, for which I remain very grateful. She exhibits great memory skills, concentration, and a positive attitude. She listens to and understands me, and raising her has been quite problem-free, which makes me, as a mother, very hopeful and positive about the future. For this I am also very grateful. My daughter has a great can-do attitude, and believes that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it, which she often proves she can, and I am glad that she now has a wider range of options as she grows.



Child: 3 years and 3 months (Has been attending for 2.5 years)

My son joined Heguru when he was 6 months old. At first he didn’t seem to exhibit any particular changes in behaviour, merely going to classes every week and listening to some CDs or reading some picture books. But I saw a marked difference in him when I stopped breast-feeding, around the time he turned 1. One night, I looked him in the eyes and said to him matter-of-factly, “You’re going to bed tonight without drinking from mummy”, and my 1 year-old simply nodded and went to sleep without a fuss. I didn’t expect him to be able to comprehend what I was saying, let alone act on it, so I was very taken aback. We have a kanji chart up in the bathroom, and we would sometimes read aloud from it together, but now he’s able to read about 90% of kanji that a regular 1st grader in primary school is expected to learn. He has learnt almost all the letters of the hiragana and katakana as well. He can even complete jigsaws with around 80 pieces. In nursery school, he is very active and enthusiastic about everything, and I am often told that he is a model student.



Child: 3 years and 2 months (Has been attending for 2 years)

My son started attending Heguru classes when he was 1 year and 1 month. He was restless in the beginning, often walking or running around during class, but since he turned 3, he has been able to sit still for up to an hour. When he was 2, one of the teachers at the international preschool he attends said to me, “Your son not only remembers individual words, but he’s able to remember whole sentences on just one listen. It seems he’s listening to the other teachers talk, and remembering whole phrases. What’s even more surprising is that he’s able to use these phrases properly, and he’s hasn’t even turned 3 yet. It’s very rare that a child so young can converse so well. Is it something you’re doing with him at home?” We do nothing special with him at home, so I can only say that it’s all thanks to his time at Heguru.