Preschool Classes (Ages 4~6)
The time to train the Left Brain as well as the Right Brain

Teach your child to be “independent” in preparation for primary school.


Natal The foundations for Right Brain Development, nurtured in our Infant & Toddler Classes, are now in place.
Now it’s time to strengthen the Left Brain in balance with the Right Brain’s growth.

When we speak about Right Brain Development, it’s easy to assume that simply training the Right Brain will yield results, but this is not the case.
To think for oneself and strengthen one’s comprehension and adaptability skills, it is important to train the Left Brain at the same time.
When preschoolers reach 5 and 6, their workload increases significantly, and so lesson times become longer.
Children will start to attend lessons on their own, unaccompanied by their parents. They will be responsible for their own belongings, and learn to work together with their classmates within set time parameters. This not only equips them with independence, but also the cooperativeness and social skills necessary for group activities. To complete Right Brain Development by primary school, it is vital to simultaneously train the Left Brain at ages 5 and 6.


Our Preschool Classes  3 Major Strengths

Full and comprehensive lessons that last 70~90mins

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! By age 5, the volume of worksheets we use increases to 3 times the amount we use in our Infant & Toddler Classes, and to 5 times that amount by age 6!


To train their Left Brains, the amount of worksheets we give our students at age 5 increases to 3 times what we give them in our Infant & Toddler Classes, and to 5 times that amount at age 6. Worksheets are divided into those for lesson-purposes, those for revision-purposes, and those for homework-purposes. This may initially seem like a lot, but these worksheets are specifically designed to let our students visualize and understand them relatively easily, allowing them to take in the content in a way that is fun and organic for them.


A program that strikes the perfect balance between Right Brain and Left Brain

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! By simultaneously training the Left Brain, students raise their bars of success significantly!

Training the Right Brain, to grasp things by visualization and impressions, has its limits when it comes to raising the bar with regard to our abilities.

At Heguru, by also training the Left Brain, which specializes in logical thought, we provide our students with the ability to achieve high levels of success in any field or subject.

Linking the Right Brain and Left Brain, making them work together, is the first step in ensuring that Right Brain Development is completed by primary school.



Encouraging independence by conducting classes without parents present

Here’s what makes Heguru extraordinary! Developing communication skills through talking with teachers!


There are many preschool classes that allow parents to be present during lessons. However, we at Heguru do not believe in this policy, as it creates a breeding ground for dependent behavior and overreliance.

Children attend our lessons away from their parents, and learn to develop their communication skills through interacting with their teachers.

Furthermore every class indulges in caring for the mind and heart with touching stories that would resonate on a heart-to-heart level.


Course Outline of our Preschool Classes

Our classes at Heguru use teaching methods that allow children to absorb information in a playful and organic way. This instills in them a sense that learning is fun, and makes them curious, encouraging thirst for more knowledge. Preschool is also the time when they start to become conscious of their own improvements and development.In order to equip your children with the “habit of independent studying” before they enter primary school, we warmly welcome you to let them experience Heguru’slessons for themselves.

Lesson time 70 minutes for 5 year-olds / 90 minutes for 6 year-olds
Number of lessons 42 per annum
Attendance Children unaccompanied by parents


Child-rearing Help Center for mothers

If you are in two minds about sending your child to Heguru, we have a FAQ section to answer any concerns you may have.

Preschool Class

Heguru’s classes consist of two instructors, and the classes progress at super-high speed, so even children who are not good at standing still are often very focused during class. First of all, it is recommended to experience the class of Heguru.

The first time you participate in the separation of mothers and children, some children may feel nervous, but please be assured that the instructor will support you properly. Most of the children who will be able to receive alone and smoothly after the second time. I think that I can feel the trust in my grown-up figure.

After each class, the instructor will give lectures about what you have taught in the class and how to review at home for about 30 minutes. In addition, we consult individually at a pace of once every 2-3 weeks, and we support each one properly, so please be sure to consult us if you are concerned.

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Feedback from our mothers


Child: 4 years old (Has been attending for 3 years)

My child has been attending Heguru since she was one year and a half, and she started memorising hiragana at 1 year and 11 months, and by age 3, she was able to write all the hiragana and katakana. At around age 2 and a half, she memorized the 9 times table, and was able to name all the prefectures of Japan and their capitals by just looking at a map. It’s all been absolutely astonishing.



Child: 4 years old (Has been attending for 6 months)

My son has only just started at Heguru, but his behaviour at nursery school changed after just a month of going to Heguru classes. His teachers at nursery school used to tell me he was quite unresponsive to them, but now he seems suddenly very aware of his surroundings, is a lot more interested in activities, and joins in with much more positivity and enthusiasm. I was a little worried about having him join Heguru at 3 and a half, but now I am very happy I did.



Child: 4 years old (Has been attending for 2 years)

She learnt the hiragana at 2 and a half, and I was surprised to see how she sped through answering her worksheets. She memorized all the flags of the world countries in around a week, and I am constantly amazed by her memorization abilities. She is now 4, and she keeps telling me that she wants do more addition and subtraction problems.



Child: 5 years old (Has been attending for 4 months)

My child was initially enrolled in another preschool class, but it seems it wasn’t stimulating enough for him, and his motivation and aim for learning seemed to be dwindling. I decided to enroll him at Heguru for him to have more classmates and a more challenging program. I was slightly concerned whether Heguru’s lesson would be a little too rigorous for him, but I was relieved when I saw him sitting in the center row of the classroom and being the loudest child in the room volunteering themselves to answer a question. He always talks for length about his lessons on our way home from class, and he always expresses an eagerness to learn more by the next lesson and impress his teachers.



Child: 4 years old (Has been attending for 2 years)

Since my daughter joined Heguru aged 2 years and 4 months, she has learnt the hiragana, and before we knew it she had moved onto katakana and some simple kanji. Every morning she has her CDs on just in the background, but she sings the songs out loud when she plays in the park, so it must be sinking in. I feel these Heguru classes have made me grow as a parent too, perhaps even more so than my daughter.