Raising your child will be more fun if your delivery is a happy one

The moment when a mother’s and her baby’s hearts connect.That’s the greatest step in a child’s development.

What kinds of benefits are there to “Prenatal Education”?


When mother and child have a strong bond, it is truly blissful.
When the minds and bodies of the mother and child are as one, it makes a compassionate and loving child.
Heguru’s Prenatal Education has given rise to countless such children. [Born with Heguru Prenatal Education ]
These babies feel secure, loved, and experience no loneliness or neglect.
Seeing the smiling face of such a child is in turn the greatest source of happiness for a mother.


Why is our “Prenatal Education” so effective?


A Stanford University study found a striking difference between one-month old babies who had had their mothers speak to them about their dreams while still in the womb, and those who hadn’t.
Foetal babies communicate with the outside world telepathically.

The foundations for the mother-child relationship are formed in the prenatal stage. If your child is acting up, could the root cause of this behaviour lie in the time before birth?
It is very possible.
This is because child-rearing is a two-way connection that is already underway when the baby is in the womb.

Expecting mothers should talk regularly to their babies.
Talk to your baby as if there is a fully-formed adult in your tummy.


Prenatal Education has significant advantages not only for mothers, but for their soon-to-be-born babies as well.

The biggest advantage for babies is a heightening of their “brain power = ability”.

Humans normally have about 14 billion brain cells.
The production of brain cells depends on a group of cells called the prototype brain cells. When these prototype brain cells have finished producing brain cells, they usually die. However, a study published by researchers at Stanford University found that if the brain is pro-actively stimulated enough before the prototype brain cells die, they live on and function as a kind of extra brain.

In other words, with the appropriate prenatal care, children can possess a larger than average number of total brain cells. “Brain circuits and synapses are formed through stimulation”; it is therefore crucial that babies receive this stimulation from the prenatal stage.



Heguru’s Original Prenatal Education maximizes these effects.

Heguru’s Original Right Brain Development Program Prenatal Education


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We provide a whole range of critical and useful information for expecting mothers.

■ Times: 2 hours per day/session (Total of 4 sessions)
■ Age: At least 4 months pregnant or over
■ Contents: Prenatal exercises, image-training, nutritional information, and more


With our prenatal education, you will be able to…


■ Raise a happy and emotionally intelligent child.
■ Have a calm and unfussy child.
■ Have little trouble with sleeping or night-crying.
■ Raise a child with good communication skills.
■ Raise a child with heightened potential and quick learning skills.
■ Raise a child who can willingly accept love, and accept others with compassion.
■ Have a physically active and athletic child.

Having parents talk to their unborn babies in a relaxed setting and manner is good for the babies’ state of mind, which in turn allows the mother herself to have a happy and uncomplicated delivery.


Here’s the key point


Using image-training techniques and the subconscious mind, we open up the Right Brain and imaging abilities of the mothers.

Pregnancy can be a worrying time for expecting mothers. Bringing them together and letting them learn in a group environment helps them feel more at ease.

Aside from matters of the actual delivery and child-rearing, we also provide important advice on daily nutrition.

Furthermore, our instructors are here to offer advice and assistance on all manner of questions and issues surrounding pregnancy.


We constantly receive a lot of positive feedback from mothers.

http://thehistoryhacker.com/2013/01/22/marylands-identity-crisis/?replytocom=309 I knew I wanted to start with prenatal education at Heguru!
Mother of 6 month-old H (girl), attended classes from Tachikawa

My elder daughter started at Heguru when she was 10 months old, and as I saw the marked difference in her, I knew I wanted to start with prenatal education for my second one. My second daughter has very regular sleeping and eating habits, and I already notice a difference between her and her older sister. I would strongly recommend the prenatal education to other parents.
Thanks to prenatal classes, my child doesn’t cry at night!
Mother of 2 year-old Y (boy), attended classes from Oume

Thanks to prenatal education, my child hardly cries at all during the night. All his teachers at nursery school tell me how impressed they are by his happy demeanour and good behaviour. Heguru teaches parents how to properly praise and encourage their children, but they also encourage us as parents, which makes being a parent all the more fun and rewarding.