Hegulu Right Brain Creativity

How long should the child attend classes at HEGURU?

One criterion we have is when graduating primary school.

In the first stage of development, we structure the “Basic Zone”. “The Implementation Zone” of the brain is structured by the age of 6. This refers to the toddler level and preschool level at HEGURU. After this period, we boost the level of the child’s right brain to equip “hado-reading” skills from the lower grades to middle grades of primary school. After this, they become members of “ichimankai.

Moreover until the child reaches the upper grades of primary school, their left brain (logic brain) begins to develop. We simultaneously raise the level of the right brain to balance it off with the growth of the left. Gradually in the higher grades, practices intensify for both sides of the brain so it can be used under self-control.

If things allow, please do continue onto junior high school and high school years. The right brain can be developed further. We take pride in seeing many of our students being the top students of prestigious schools in the country with minimum studying time.

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