Hegulu Right Brain Creativity

How can you tell that the child’s right brain is undergoing “development”?

There is no standard style to “right brain development” and it is difficult to view the process of the right brain being developed. The right brain is the image-dominated brain and has a lot to do with individual experience, making it difficult to standardize.

At HEGURU, the majority of the students do progress and “develop” their right brain. The benchmark we have is the “Ichimankai”. This is a group made for children who have read more than 10,000 books a month by usage of “hado-reading”. Hado-reading is a reading method, which is done by merely flipping the pages of a book.

We acknowledge joining the“Ichimankai” = “right brain developed”.

“Ichimankai” is not restricted for just children, as currently we have adult members who have completed reading 10,000 books within a month too.


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