Hegulu Right Brain Creativity

Are “ Hado-reading” and “Speed-reading” 2 different things?

Yes, “ Hado-reading” and “Speed-reading” are 2 different things. “Hado-reading” does not read words written in the book. It is the catching of information written in the book with the right brain. Thus the information grasped differs according to the individual. Training for “hado-reading” starts once students enter the primary school level, never before. During toddler level, the right brain structuring for abilities to come in later years need to be created.

“Speed-reading” is an ability to read written words in a book with speed. While training for “hado-reading” HEGURU students also engage in practice that is similar to “speed-reading” and therefore will master both skills. HEGURU students are capable of distinguishing “hado-reading,” “speed reading,” and reading books thoroughly, depending on what is needed.

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