Hegulu Right Brain Creativity

Infant and Toddler Class

Parents make mental connection with their children to build a huge capacity for their brain.

Data is sent to the right brain in a large volume and at a high speed. Understanding is not the object; inputting of data is more important.

  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Child’s age: Up to 6 years old
  • Number of classes: 42 per year

Time to expand the brain capacity of children aged up to 6 years old


A well-known proverb has it that the child is the father of the man. It is a fact that the environment of a child up to the age of six has a huge influence on the development of the brain.
At that time through receiving various stimuli, the brain capacity can be made bigger. This means that these abilities can be made into inherent ones and the child will be able to use them freely when he grows up. These stimuli have to fulfil certain sine qua non conditions in order to be able to enlarge the brain capacity.
Heguru has more than 30 years of experience in educational guidance and has been able to find effective ways of promoting the development of the brain, testing them on a daily basis and has annually increased the precision of their development programmes.

Highlights of this programme:
We will introduce part of the programme.

Heguru teaching materials

The lessons focus mainly on inputting, which is carried out by means of various cards. In groups formed according to age, children find just looking at the boards and cards is fun, but the hands-on opportunities are even more fun for them. We pride ourselves on our boards and cards.

The range of Heguru original teaching materials boasts
remendous variety.

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