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Parent-Child Co-Learning College

Tachikawa Main School offers “Parent-Child Co-Learning College” course for parents.

Through this course, many parents have obtained useful tips for parenting, improved their quality of life, and achieved excellent results. You will discover something new through attending this course.

  • We thoroughly examine the growth of a child both physically and mentally.
  • This course consists of 14 lectures.
  • Heguru believes the basic point of education is “parent-child co-learning.”
    We look forward to you attending.

Time to expand the brain capacity of children aged up to 6 years old


We offer 14 lectures in total to understand the basic concept’s Heguru education.
“Parent-Child Co-Learning College” gives you the collective wisdom of balanced “intellectual”, “moral”, “physical” and “dietary” education based on psychology.
“Parent-Child Co-Learning College” consists of 14 lectures in total. It is a very popular course which will resolve some of the worries, answer parenting questions, and provides an opportunity for parents to objectively reflect on daily interactions with their children.
Please also invite your friends to attend this great series of lectures.

The 1st Lecture
This lecture is the basis for the “Parent-Child Co-Learning College” series. It is literally an eye-opener, as perceptions of many participants will change dramatically after this first lecture.

We examine the basic function of human brains, including how the right brain and the left brain work differently, and teach the method to bring out children’s potential. We also deepen understanding about important roles that the human mind plays.
The 2nd Lecture
We study water, which accounts for more than 50 percent of the human body. Water seems common, but needless to say it is essential. We deepen our knowledge about water, which is closely related to every aspect of our life such as health and intelligence. It starts with “water,” and develops into a wave motion and other various aspects. This lecture provides the background for future lectures regarding health.
The 3rd Lecture
Diet is closely related to thought and behavior of children. We easily fall into the bad habit of ignoring what we eat every day. A diet is critical for healthy development of brains. It also has relevance in juvenile delinquency. If you change the diet for your child, she/he will surprisingly calm down.
The 4th Lecture
If parents view their children from slightly different perspectives, they will dramatically change. If they learn how the cognition of children grows psychologically, they will be aware that children’s annoying behavior could be natural from the perspective of the growth process. We introduce numerous secret plans to nurture children’s minds as well as discipline them appropriately.
The 5th Lecture
Although many parents are enthusiastic about developing their children’s imagination, they often tend to give up developing their own imagination. They must realize that cultivating their imagination is the most effective way for everything including parenting. Many participants succeeded in visualizing themselves through this lecture and training.
The 6th Lecture
For parents, language education is one of the subjects which they are interested in the most. We explain to you a mechanism for learning language through the right brain, covering the common topic of why infants are extremely good at learning languages. To study the brain structure or the hearing function system will help their understanding better. Small tricks or hints will provide an opportunity for children to be bilingual.
The 7th Lecture
Based on the 4th lecture “Secrets to have perspectives on your children and nurture their minds,” you learn how to motivate children. What is the mechanism to motivate children? We explain to you the mechanisms and secrets to inspire children by showing practical methods. This is a lecture with abundant advice - you will discover where you went wrong by doing the opposite things to your children without realizing it, and learn how the change in children’s mental states or environment influences their motivation.
The 8th Lecture
Participants understand the current curriculum at elementary or middle schools, and study the current state of school education from different angles. We teach secret methods to raise children who are “strong at math and national language.”
The 9th Lecture
Participants learn various psychological methods on how to promote communication between parents and children. Parents sometimes counterproductively bother their children when they focus on their growth too much. Through studying basic theories of communication such as game theory, you will know what parts are missing in the current parent-child relationship.
The 10th Lecture
Based on knowledge acquired from the 9th lecture, we explain the methods in a more practical manner. After obtaining this method, the parent-child relationship will be completely revitalized, enabling parents to discover new aspects of their children. The secrets are usually self-explanatory, but they are practical. This lecture is full of useful tips.
The 11th Lecture
The theory of the Right Brain Memory Training and how to use it in real situations will be introduced in this lecture. There are two types of memories: the right brain and the left brain memories. Various basic skills are required to master the right brain memory method. Cultivate these basic skills and use the right brain memory method in real situations. You will be amazed how easily you can memorize many things.
The 12th Lecture
There are two types of speed reading: the right brain and the left brain speed reading. We introduce the left brain speed reading method first, and then explain the principle of the right brain speed reading. If you hear the results of children who received the image-focused right brain super reading, you will realize how amazing the right brain speed reading is. Afterwards, you learn the practical method and experience speed reading. Quite a few elementary students have mastered speed reading techniques with this lecture as a starting point.
The 13th Lecture
This lecture is the basis for the “Parent-Child Co-Learning College” series. Past experiences tremendously affect the human subconscious. Difficult problems which cannot be resolved at the subconscious level could be solved by the quite simple method of cuddling. The fact that “love” is essential to our life is striking. We hope as many people as possible will attend this lecture.
The 14th Lecture
It is often said children nowadays are not very considerate. Compassion is heavily affected by which value(s) the parents teach to the children in their childhood, and how they guide the children to foster their virtues. Today’s education completely lacks such moral education. This important lecture is appropriate to conclude the Parent-Child Co-Learning College series.

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