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Number of year(s) studying at HEGL: 9 months, 1year old (girl)

My daughter and I look forward to attending every class at HEGL.

I used to complain that I did not like children, or it would be unfortunate for a child to live through such hard times. I completely changed, however, after I had my own child.
Now I really adore my daughter as well as other children.

Although I had heard of early childhood education classes, I knew nothing about them. After I gave birth to my daughter, I randomly opened a phone book and found the number for the Tachikawa Main School by accident. After I called them, brochures and the seminar invitation were sent right away.

Because they treated me in a friendly manner and the instructions for the seminar were easy to follow, we decided to join immediately.

There was only my daughter, younger than 1-year, in the class, but it is now almost full.
Her instructor was gentle and thorough.

I am thankful for the teachers from Tachikawa Main School who we met through my daughter, HEGL’s education, and their publications. I plan to work hard with my daughter as one nervous parent who just has started a long journey of parenting.

Thank you.

Number of year(s) studying at HEGL:7 months, 7year old (boy)

“Life with using the right brain” – My son has started using his right brain in everyday life.
I am also noticing a “big vision” is shaping in his brain through humanistic philosophy education and day-to-day interaction with his teachers at HEGL.
I think the concept of “becoming an adult who works for others”is fantastic.
What they teach at Tachikawa Main School is truly a lifelong education for each child, not focusing on “answering immediate questions before others” or “scoring higher marks in the test than others.”

My son mastered speed reading, and I can tell he feels a sense of great achievement.

It also gives him confidence, kindness, and appreciation of others. I will not forget the moment he extended his arms to me and with sparkling eyes exclaimed “This is the last book!”, “Yeah, I did it! Thank you for your support, Mom!”

A month later, he said to me, “You can see ‘images,’ Mom! You should definitely start speed reading, too! Come on!”

I am very excited to see my son is now receiving the best education. We will continue studying at HEGL as a family.

Number of year(s) studying at HEGL:7 months, 3year old (boy)

Although commuting from Ibaraki to Tachikawa is physically challenging, my son is doing well. In the beginning he fell into sleep in the middle of the class, but he can stay up for the entire class now.

I am afraid my son is somewhat spoiled, but I can see he is growing each day. It is extremely encouraging for us that his teacher speaks to my son before and after the class every week.

I am very pleased, as I can share the development of my son with his teacher. He started “imaging” things in everyday life, and willingly spending more time playing with flash cards.

Number of year(s) studying at HEGL:1year 11months,4year old (boy)
Thank you very much for your instructions and guidance.
I recently realized how much my son has grown and become more motivated. He started to take action more spontaneously.
My son is fortunate to be in an environment where highly motivated teachers and parents gather even for a short period.

I would like to share his small progress. He only listens to the CD once a day and some portions seem to remain in his memory such as a short poem.

I am not sure if other things penetrate into his brain or not.
It would be great if something he listens to stays in his mind.
I believe perseverance will achieve big results.
We look forward to further success in the future.
Number of year(s) studying at HEGL:1year 11months,4year old (boy)

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