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Development of an“Incredible Genius Zone”

To compete well in the global competition era of the 21st century and come out a winner, the development of an “Incredible Genius Zone” is indispensable.

Incredible Genius Zone


Cultivation of one’s potential ability also enhances the IQ radically.

*An IQ is calculated with 100 as the mean : the IQ of “80” is the border value for a special class. “120” borders the top class and “140” is said to be required for passing the entrance exam for Tokyo University. One can see how Heguru is succeeding in improving the IQ by “ability development.”

Heguru education has 5 purposes and a 15-part guidance course system


The point here is to offer training, enabling the right brain (potential brain) to be opened as quickly as possible.
A short cut to achieving this is to develop the balance of IZ and BZ (9 basic powers).
It is very important that the parents have complete faith in their children’s ability to open up their right brain (potential brain).


To really get into something, the time to be able to do so must be made available.
To get totally involved in something and to continue to the end. Such an experience plays a valuable role ushering forth children’s talents.
To heighten children’s capacities, especially when they are engrossed in something.


Children are excited when they find they can do something, no matter how small, so it is important that they have many opportunities to enjoy such experiences.
Parents must unreservedly believe in their children’s powers.


The family must play the major role in cultivating the minds of children. They must offer unconditional love and parents and children should study together.
Heguru will offer support in many different levels with regard to the creation of an environment designed to encourage cultivation of the mind.


Fostering the ability to think logically and to evaluate matters calmly. Encouraging children to ask “Why?” without any hesitation.
From a very early age parents should share fun experiences with their children.
To enable children to become strong in mathematics (logic), the left brain should also be strengthened.
Logical thinking should be promoted at Pre-School and Primary Class as well as Pre-MEP and MEP.

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